Tuesday,18 December,2018
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10 Rare Mental Disorders

The brain is known to be the center of the nervous system. It is the control switch of the body and is very essential in human life. Our brain is responsible for all the mental processes of the human body. That’s why the brain is considered to be a mystery. Since our brain is the control button of our body, we need to take good care of our health so that our brain and our mental processes are working smoothly. This would prevent us from acquiring mental disorders that seemed to be rare to our system. So, healthy brain is a must!

10 Rare Mental Disorders]

Our health is wealth. This has been a cliché but this tells us that health must be given proper care and attention so that bodily functions are attained at their best. In this light, the video is a great help in opening our eyes to the realities around us. We will be educated about the diseases that may damage our brain and mental processes.
In our midst, we have been puzzled about the various diseases that affect people. This has alarmed all of us and made us experience that indeed these disorders exist all over the world.

Among these disorders are Foreign Accent Syndrome, Phantom Limb Disorder, Wendigo Psychosis, Synesthesia, Trisaidekaphobia, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, Stendhal Syndrome, Capgras Delusion, Cotards Syndrome and Jerusalem Syndrome.

This video will make us learn about these disorders so that we will be aware of the threats that they may bring or inflict on us. We will be made aware of the certain truths about these disorders.

So, all of us need to watch this video since this will give us various information about the said disorders. However, what is more important is preventing these disorders to threaten our health. Well, prevention is better than cure!

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