Monday,17 June,2019
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Top 20 Most Amazing Places On The Planet. Captivating!

The planet is blessed with jaw-dropping, captivating and breathtaking places which speak about how marvelous God is. He created these places that inspire every traveler to roam around the world just to capture how dramatically these amazing places blend with sunrise and sunset. With human’s natural inclination for beauty, they have added to some attractions that are indeed awesome.


One could cast his eyes on these magnificent works of art—-as if they were formed perfectly right. The cool waters are refreshing as they soothe someone’s aching body and enervated spirit. The desert is a sight to behold especially when the light of the moon strikes on it. Mountain hikers might find it more fulfilling to climb the highest peak as if they are closer to heaven.

Upon seeing the video, I remember how beautiful the earth is, but I am just afraid of what has been transpiring for many years. Hopefully, human beings would stop exploiting some of the great places on earth. After all, they are God’s given gift to humanity.

There should be a voice that must be awaken inside each other’s heart. Preserving these places must be a call for everybody, knowing that these places have been exploited by human activities. In the long run, human activities might be the cause of the death and deterioration of some beauty spots in the world.

If Mother Nature has her voice of her own, she would probably wailing because unknowingly people have made her miserable. Sometimes, by human ambition, she has been neglected and preservation of her natural beauty is often forgotten.

When you watched this video, have you not asked yourself of what be the earth’s face 10 years from now? Would it still be the same earth that we are living with right now? I guess we must reflect on ourselves.

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