Tuesday,18 June,2019
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A kiss…

Sometimes it only takes a kiss to spread happiness. A kiss is something that is given to your loved ones such as your parents, friends, acquaintances or your special someone. In fact, a kiss is one of the emblems of your love for those whom you love. There are some people who view a kiss as something that must be given only to the special persons in their life. But whatever your perceptions are, a kiss has started it all in this video!

A kiss…

Here in this video, we can watch how this man desperately needs a kiss. Perhaps, he has just wanted to spread the essence of a kiss. Holding the sign, the man stands under the sultry sun of Los Angeles while calling people to kiss him. Yes, he gets a few kisses and his plan is successful.

It was amazing to see that this man had not only made people kiss him but also made them happy and excited. The happiness and excitement were written all over their faces as they kissed the man. Luckily, he did not get mono because people took him up on his request. Indeed the man was so happy when he saw that girls were interested to kiss him.

But behind this silly idea, the man was able to contaminate people with his positive energy. They were laughing while kissing the man. Unintentionally, he was able to spread good vibes. The kisses have just sealed the day with a contaminating joy.

Not only the people who have been contaminated with joy but also the people who watched the video were infected with happiness. So, it is happiness that makes the world go round. It just started with a kiss!

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