Monday,17 June,2019
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A bad place to realize that greed will just put us in the middle of nowhere.

This is just one the amazing short clips that features the hideous truth about human nature. When God has equally given us the capacity to thrive in this complicated world, we find ourselves at pace of this fast-changing world. Sometimes, in our tendencies to keep at pace of the world, we forget that we are created with such goodness. We neglect that we are beautiful individuals who are given power and intelligence to inspire others.

A must-see amazing Short Film.

In the midst of materialism, we ought to maintain that God-given goodness because it would immensely helps us to touch other people’s lives. Not to mention that this goodness has also been integrated in our values education class or even at home. Well, values are caught not taught.

So, if values are caught, each one especially the elderly has the responsibility to act accordingly so that our young generations will not take the wrong side of the path towards goodness. In fact, the elders are supposed to act in a good way and serve as role models.

In the video, the black hole has given that man an opportunity to choose between the good and the evil. However, he has chosen to be bad by using the black hole to break the safe and steal the money from it.

This serves as a reminder that human beings can be evil if they are given the opportunity or they have a chance to be evil.

It also depicts the greediness of man and he never gets contented of what has given to him by God. The video also talks about how money can be influential as it ruins ones professionalism.

Sometimes even we are educated, we become so greedy that we forget that we are educated and professional. We neglect to see the details that people look up to us.

At the end, we realize that greed will just put us in the middle of nowhere and we find ourselves in the box of greed and there’s no way to get out!

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