Monday,17 June,2019
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Abandoned Ducklings, Adopted by a Cat.

Who would ever think that this cat would nurse the ducklings as if they were her own kittens? Probably, some might think that this is a hoax. But behold! This is not just an ordinary video because a cat has actually rescued some abandoned ducklings. You would be totally blown with it!

Abandoned Ducklings Rescued By The Most Unlikely Hero

Cats prey on small birds but the Dela, a cat hero, took good care of the ducklings, wrapped them on her paws and gave them warmth. Unusual isn’t it? But mothering hormones have something to do with how this cat reacted on the ducklings. No doubt, mother instinct did exist!

Amazing things are happening especially in the least expected times. Just like the cat in the video, some things might happen when we do not expect them to happen. The cat probably would eat the duckling but it turned out that she nursed the abandoned ducklings. Like in our life, we might be happy in a particular time but some bad things might happen unexpectedly. Isn’t that life amazing? We might probably think this life is just life——–nothing special. But what are hidden are its unfamiliarity and its peculiarity.

As the video revealed, the cat is unusual, simply amazing. Yet take note that everything happens for a purpose.  That cat hero lives for a purpose. Just like human being, we live to help others. We rescue others in times of danger and nurse them when nobody cared for them.

Amazing and unusual are just fitted to describe the cat. Dela, the cat is the unlikely hero. Well, ordinary people can be unusual too especially when they do amazing things to help others. In such ways, they can be the most unlikely heroes just like the cat in the video. Indeed, amazing things happen in the least expected time or situation.

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