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The Many Distinctive Commemoration Of All Saints Day Around The World.

All Saints Day is a widely celebrated religious Holiday in the Philippines very similar to the Mexican Tradition of “Día de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead,” which also includes All Souls Day. Celebrated on November 1st, All Saints Day is a day of remembrance, a day to remember love ones that have passed away, and most importantly to pay respect to those that paved way for their families to grow.

For some people All Saints day can be an emotional day remembering the pain of losing a son, a daughter, a wife, or a husband. Some families would call it a day of reflection to let the spirits of their loved ones know that even if they are gone, their memory will always stay in our hearts for eternity.

Check out these photos on how the rest of the world commemorate All Saints Day.
1. Algeciras, Spain: A woman lays flowers for loved ones.

2. Budapest, Hungary: Thousands of candles light up the cemetery on All Saints’ Day.

3. Casabermeja, near Malaga: Tombstones in the local cemetery. All Saints’ Day honours all the saints, known and unknown, taking place a day before All Souls’ day when Christians remember their love.

4. Hyderabad, India: Biju George displays statues of Saints Paul, Philomena and Francis at his Christian art gallery.

5. Ivenets, Belarus: A man lights a candle on a grave.

6. La Paz, Bolivia: A woman walks at the Llamita cemetery on the outskirts of the capital on All Saints Day.

7. Managua, Nicaragua: People visit the graves of relative.

8. Manila, Philippines: A man places candles at the tomb of a relative at a cemetery.

9. Mexico City, Mexico: A man blows incense smoke at a couple of Santa Muerte, or Death Saint, figures held by a woman at the Tepito neighborhood Mass.

10. Minsk, Belarus: Women visit a cemetery marking the upcoming Dzyady, the day for worshipping forefathers.

11. Mirogoj cemetery, Zagreb: Residents commemorate All Saints Day. Croatia’s Roman Catholics mark All Saints Day by visiting the graves of relatives and friends.

12. Port-au-Prince, Haiti: A woman passes a mural at the start of a Voodoo ritual for Fet Gede celebrations (Days of the Dead), at the national cemetery.

13. Ronda, Spain: People commemorate those who died during the Spanish civil war.

14. San Gregorio, Mexico: Day of the Dead celebrations honour the deceased, a tradition that coincides with All Saints Day.

15. Santiago Sacatepequez, Guatemala: An indigenous woman visits a graveyard on the Day of the Dead.

16. Tonacatepeque, San Salvador. Young revellers take part in La Calabiuza parade.

17. Villa Maria del Triunfo, Lima, Peru: Thousands take advantage of the All Saints national holiday to visit graves at the Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) cemetery. Once an illegal burial ground to a migrant Andean population, Nueva Esperanza is believed now to be Latin America’s largest cemetery – thousands are buried on the slopes each year.

18. Villa Nueva, Guatemala City: A reveller dances during the traditional Convite de fieros festival, part of All Saints Day celebrations.

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