Monday,17 June,2019
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The ultimate showdown between rabbit and magician

We can never go wrong with this Pixar’s 5 minute short film that certainly gives the viewers a good laugh. Even without the words, the film came out brilliantly which induces more laughs, laughs and laughs! If you are in great woes, you should watch this keenly- made video which will make you roll out laughing on the floor.


While the video is played, one can see that animations are vibrant and colorful and far different from any other animation.  This Pixar’s best short has this magic touch to make the audience rolled out with a loud laughter. Presto, the magician just makes magic interesting and laugh-inducing. Naturally, the chaos that the rabbit and Presto made would provoke audience to laugh more but without compromising the quality of the animation. Combined with the perfect amount of jokes, this has given off the ingenuity and creativity of the animator.

The video shows Presto’s friendship with the rabbit. Aside from the laughter that the video gives off, a certain extent of friendship can be seen from the rabbit’s relationship with its boss, Presto. It is not just an ordinary animation film, but a film that showcases how human beings can be a friend for animals.  The tricks that have been made were in perfect amount of jokes, mostly slapstick which brings out some real laughter from the most audience or the entire audience.

The nice glow of animation is comparable to the way Ratatouille looks. It is a wave of hit to audience who are fond of animation. Even, many would be inspired to create more animations that will hit the web. With this film, never will you be short with laughter for it will make you laugh harder than you did with any other short film on the web. So, this is a big gem in animation!

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