Tuesday,21 May,2019
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The Sweetest Most Succulent Shellfish “Angel Wings Clam” Better Know As “Diwal In The Philippines

The diwal or angel wings clam is a highly prized marine species relished for its delectable taste. It is found in the coastal waters of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Okinawa (Japan) and in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.

This is a highly seasonal shellfish and prized for its delectable and succulent taste. Diwal thrives in the sandy-muddy bottoms of inter tidal areas in coastal waters of Capiz and Negros Occidental.

Diwal in Hiligaynon means “sticking out tongue” and the shellfish probably got it’s Ilonggo name because it’s “feet” sticks out of it’s shell like a tongue when alive. It’s English name was due to the fact that it’s shells are like angel wings when fully opened.
These clams were on the brink of extinction a few years ago because of over harvesting. A total ban in the harvesting of diwal was enforced in Capiz in the late 1990′s in order to protect and rehabilitate the remaining traditional diwal grounds.

To sustain the diwal fishery, the catch size limit of 5 centimeters shell length. This means that only clams of such size could be harvested. It was also proposed a “closed season” in July when no harvesting is allowed to ensure the replenishment of the exploited stocks.

These are still considered a seasonal delicacy, and not many folks know about them unless you have visited these parts and been lucky enough to taste them.

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