Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Animals are also affectionate and friendly… Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.

Too much of something is dangerous. This is true when this dog passes out after a reunion with its boss who has returned home after 2 years which is actually equivalent to 14 years in dog years. Animals although have different mental processes and actions also act like human beings. They also feel joy as well as sadness. Do dogs have emotions? Of course, the video depicts how dogs can be overwhelmed by their emotions same as humans do.

Animals are also affectionate and friendly… Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.

When you watch the video, this dog has left us confused about the true emotions behind that encounter with its lady boss. But what has been communicated to us through this video is that animals are also affectionate and friendly. In an instance, dogs are actually a friendly animal. They guard our house and make sure that everything and everyone is safe.

The dog shows the love to its boss by not just creating some noise but by kissing and licking the face of its boss. In other words, those gestures from the dog are incredibly amazing and awesome.

Though this video conveys the worth-keeping reunion of the dog with its owner, the dog should not be exposed to too much joy and sadness since these things would change them forever. Dogs also suffer from heart attacks and strokes so they should they must not be exposed to too much emotions.

The video raises awareness to the dog lovers to continue taking good care of their pets at home. In the end, these animals would give you enjoyment and pleasure especially when you cuddle them. Dog owners should also raise their pets well so that the pets will grow healthy and strong.

So, in life, too much of everything is actually dangerous and even dogs should take good care of their heart!

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