Sunday,16 June,2019
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Animals Makes Us Sensationally Happy. This is Why.

Animals are indeed amazing! By just looking at the video, one could certainly think that animals could be like humans too. What makes this multitude of animals incredible is the way they interacted with human beings especially when they mimicked these cute little tykes whose giggles were actually contaminating. In fact, aside from preserving these animals, zoo owners opt for profit by displaying them for kids to enjoy at.


Well, Kids will always be kids! Their pure bliss was plastered on their faces as they enjoyed tempting, teasing and taunting the wild animals. What they have not realized is that fun must end when lions and tigers would roam around and prey on them. Obviously, it’s going to be scary——-an understatement. Good thing the glass is just so tough!

Isn’t it cute to see a kissing gorilla, an aggressive tiger, a tricky lion? They are actually exciting to look at, and even enticing to play with. The human-like attitude of these members of fauna is noted to be incredible.

What if these animals would escape from their cages? Well, it is another side of the story. Well, it’s unimaginable to see kids running around the zoo being chased by lions and being kissed by gorillas thrice their sizes.

Well, this can be subjected to different opinions from animal lovers. Well, parents in the video were aware of what their kids had been doing. But if you were a parent, would you stop your kids from interacting with these animals which are a source of their sheer joy? But think, parents could start educating their kids aside from allowing them to just laugh at the animals.

For kids, zoo is just one of the coolest places they have been to. But for animals, I guess they have wanted to be free and be in the world of wild. So, are these animals exploited? But definitely, not in the eyes of these kids…

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