Monday,20 May,2019
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Top Detoxing Foods You Should Eat For A Healthy And Clean Liver

Our liver is working all day and night to keep our health in good condition. Cleansing the blood and flushing the toxins out of the body are just few of its important functions. After drinking [...]

Use These Ingredients And You Can Natural Straighten Your Hair

People who have curl hair want to straighten it. They usually go to salon or buy expensive products to do it. But if you notice, their hair didn’t look natural. It looks frizzy and dry. [...]

Here’s The Best Way You Can Erase Keloids And Scars

Keloids and scars are not harmful as they are only marks from the previous wounds. While it’s not a bothering medical issue, many people find it as a cosmetic problem. Scars can disappear on their [...]

You Can Now Treat Hemorrhoids Using This One Ingredient

Hemorrhoid is a swollen vein or veins on the area of rectum and anus. This occurs due to a lot of causes including standing or sitting for a long time, lifting heavy objects, coughing or [...]

These Common Habits Can Cause Dark Underarms- Stop It Now

Dark underarms is embarrassing and it’s one of the most common condition people usually struggle with. It’s a total turn off, especially for girls. And fortunately, there are plenty of  products that can manage this [...]

Surprising Uses Of Aloe Vera Gel For Your Skin And Hair That Will Save You Money

Aloe vera has been a popular plant since then because of its wonderful properties. It’s not only a great ornamental plant, but it has plenty of benefits and uses. And what many like about it [...]

One Risk Of Swimming In The Sea That Everyone Must Be Aware Of

It’s summer and many people are heading to the beach now to enjoy the sun and swim on the clear waters of the sea. Summer is really the best time to bond with your friends [...]

She Rubs Baking Soda On Her Face Thrice A Week. The Results Are Amazing.

Beautiful and healthy skin is a must for every person. Well, we can’t really deny the fact that it is the first thing that people notice about us. While it is wrong to judge people [...]

WATCH: Rody Duterte Reveals Mar Roxas’ Connection With A Mining Firm Owner

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte and former DILG secretary Mar Roxas were the two of the most-talked about candidates in the social media sites. The two have been criticizing each other since they declared [...]

Heat Bay Leaves In An Ash Tray And Put It In Your House. See What Happens After 10 Minutes.

Bay leaf is a popular spice know for its flavor and smell-enhancing properties. Whether dried or fresh, this spice add as a distinctive flavor to a dish. It is often used in soups, stews, sauces [...]