Monday,27 May,2019
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Jaycee Dy

Cool And Effective Tips In Disciplining Your Kids

As Plato once said, “Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with [...]

The Surprising Reasons Why Owning A Dog Is Good For Your Health

We are all aware of how dogs enrich our lives, making us happier and healthier overall. But there are also some benefits of dog ownership that you may have never considered. Aside from earning the [...]

India’s Astounding Tree Bridges Are Made of Living Vines and Roots!

When we think of bridges, steel and concrete arches and durable building materials such as brick, timber and cast iron comes into our mind. As we go back to the traditional employing materials for bridges, [...]

Battling Against Depression? Here Are Some Techniques That May Be Useful To You

Depression is real, it is not imaginary. Although it is a common illness still we can’t ascertain its impacts to the brain. Anyone suffering from depression will eventually tell you, it is more than just [...]

A Glimpse Of Positivity Is All You Need To Conquer Life.

We would always adhere to the statement that optimism is a magnet of happiness. And that if you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you. Every single day may not [...]

Smart Techniques On How To Remember Heavy Stuffs During An Exam

Examination is indispensable to education. It plays an important part in the achievements of the learners. Many consider it as a challenge to their abilities but many take it as burden and painful in the [...]

Having Trouble Hiding Your Things? Here Are 5 Awesome Ways To Secure Your Items

There has never been a greater need for information on how to safeguard our money and other valuable things. We all have something that we need to protect—whether it is cash, jewelry, or only our [...]

Learn How To Make Chocolate Butterfly Decorations

Our decorating habits are equally telling. We are fond of checking off everything in our home and find ways on how to beautify them. For our meals, we really love decorating and garnishing them to [...]

Mosaics Made From Insects and Fish? These Fish And Insect Artwork Will Surely Mesmerize You

Nature can seem chaotic and messy but for Christopher Marley, the author of the book “Biophilia”, the world is full of beautiful and intricate things that can be put to order, cleanliness, and composition. “A [...]

Your Blood Type Can Actually Dictate Which Foods Are Effective And Which Are Not

Sometimes, you wonder why you are overweight, you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, diabetes, hypothyroidism–it is probably because you are eating the foods that aren’t compatible with your blood type. According to Peter D’Adamo, creator of the [...]