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Want To Avoid Or Reduce Ironing Load? These Time-saving Methods Will Help You A Lot

There’s nothing like leaving the house in a freshly ironed clothes, right? But sometimes, laziness strikes and we don’t feel like doing anything. There are times, we are too busy we haven’t much time to indulge in this necessary chore. We all know that ironing is one of dreaded household chores we are always doing.


But do you know that every well-run home is swarming with shortcuts? And when it comes to ironing, there’s an effective alternatives or de-wrinkling tricks for that.

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1. Use Slower Washing Machine Spin Speed

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Faster speed may cost a lot of squeezing to the clothes and other fabric items. This will eventually causes creasing which may need hard pressing with an iron in order to be removed. A gentler, shorter spin will avoid this and you will not really notice an appreciable difference in drying time. The slower your washing machine spins the better.

2. Don’t Let Damp Laundry Sit In The Machine


Leaving your laundry sit in the machine at the end of a washing cycle allow the creases to settle making them difficult to remove. Remove it from the machine as soon as it is completed. Think about using a timer in the house so you won’t forget about the task.

3. Dry Clothes On Hangers


Placing your clothes (shirts, t-shirts, tops, jumpers, and dresses) on a hanger to dry will help them hang smooth and flat. The damp weight pulls the fabric down a little leading to unsightly peg marks or line marks.

4. Fold Items Underside Your Storage Piles


Neatly fold your items and place them on the bottom of your storage piles. The weight of the items above will press down and further smooth out your laundry while they are being stored.

5. Fold Out Items Carefully


Learning how to fold those clothes properly will help you keep them wrinkle-free.

6. Tumble Dryer Tips


Take out and fold the clothes as soon as the dryer stops. By sitting in a hot container the creases will be being ‘ironed’ in by your tumble dryer.

7. Smooth With Your Hands


Shake out your clothes after washing, and then hanging them correctly on the line. Use your hands to run across fabric to smooth any crumpled areas.

8. Keep Heavy Items Separate


Don’t mix heavy and light clothing and fabrics. The heavy ones will press onto the light ones and crease them.

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