Thursday,25 April,2019
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Baby fascinated by his eyebrows, left millions absolutely smiling.

This isn’t an ordinary eyebrow raising exercise but a spark of discovery when baby Leon has just discovered that he has these two cute eyebrows at the top of his eyes. Even his giggles were no just ordinary giggles but something that would tickle you to a loud laughter.  He kept on laughing and laughing. Again, he is just so cute when he laughs about his face in the mirror. In fact, he is just so adorable.

Baby Leon discovers his eyebrows

Parents might have been so proud upon seeing their baby. What’s next for this baby? He might probably learn to snap his hands.  Perhaps, he might learn how to wink his dazzling eyes or tease his self in the mirror with his tongue out.

When this baby turned out to be a handsome lad in the future, he would probably pick up all the ladies with those astonishing eyebrows. As they would be coupled by his cute smiles and of course those equally expressive eyes.  They are a perfect complement to those eyebrows.

As one sees through the video, babies also become conscious and aware of their body parts though they do not understand things about their development. But, this light of curiosity can be considered as an innate ability of human beings. They are curious of everything in the environment. They begin to discover the mystery of the human body.

So, what’s the role of the parents? They are not just simply there to capture those rare moments of their kids but also they are there to assist them as they grow up. Not just to giggle when the kids are in the state of enjoyment but to bring to them the joy of being themselves.

Well, you probably think this as an ordinary eyebrow raising exercise but this is just one of the cutest things when a baby discovers something. It all started with eyebrows and the rest will be encountered in the future.

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