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Peeing In The Pool Is A Chemical Warfare –Here’s Why!

Have you tried peeing somewhere else other than toilets? When you were in a swimming pool and gotta go, what did you do? I believe it happens to you- that time when you wanted to pee but you don’t want to get out of the pool to go.

Is it okay to pee in the pool? Think again. Just the thought of swimming in a pool with pee in it is sickening- and how pretty bad it is to take a dive in a urine-contaminated pool?


Urinating in a chlorinated pool creates a hazardous chemical called cyanogen chloride. Cyanogen chloride forms when chlorine from the pool interacts with nitrogen in urine. It acts like tear gas, roughing up the eyes, nose and lungs, and it’s classified as an agent of chemical warfare.

According to a new study, peeing in the pool creates a chemical warfare agent. Researchers mixed uric acid from human urine with chlorine and found it creates two DBPs: cyanogen chloride (CNCl) and trichloramine (NCl3). CNCI is classified as a chemical warfare agent and is a known toxicant to your lungs, heart, and central nervous system while NCl3 is linked to lung damage.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Cyanogen chloride can lead to coma, convulsions and loss of life.

On the other hand, the Water Quality and Health Council said that chlorine combined chemically with urine can’t destroy harmful bacteria floating in your pool. Chlorine and other disinfectants don’t kill germs instantly making the swimmers sick with diarrhea, swimmer’s ear, athlete foot, and various skin infections.

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Finally, researchers are advising swimmers to observe “improved hygiene habits” to protect themselves and the other bathers or swimmers.

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Source:, American Chemical Society

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