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You Will Surely Keep Your Banana Peels After Knowing These Banana Peel Home Remedies

Bananas. They are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. Aside from being awesome and yummy, these ‘miracle drug’ fruits are very nutritious for the body. They offer many health benefits for more energy, better health, and even improving the way you look and feel.

I know banana health benefits are nothing new to you. But the question is, after eating this food, what did you do with the peeling? Some of us usually throw it away, right? But do you know that banana peeling can cure skin problems such as warts and rashes? I believe there are many creative used of banana peeling you surely don’t expect.

Take a look at these creative uses for banana peels:

1. Remove splinters


Get a piece of banana peel and tape the inside side to your splinter using a medical tape. Banana peels are said to have enzymes that peel soften the skin and definitely remove the sliver.

2. Polish shoes


Banana peels can be a good alternative to shoe polish. Bananas are said to have potassiun which is also present in shoe polish. Simply rub the inside side to your shoes and buff with a soft cloth afterwards. It can also be used for leather jackets, sofa, and silver to reclaim their shine.

3. Relieve bug bites

Just rub a banana peel on the affected area to stop the itching.

4. Make wrinkles and headaches disappear


Rub a banana peel on your wrinkles, forehead and over will make your headaches go away and prevent appeance and future lines of wrinkles.

5. Relieve pain from scrapes and burns

Rub a banana peel on the affected area and the pain will be gone before you know it.

6. Whiten teeth


Bananas, especially those that look just ripe has optimal levels of potassium good in whitening teeth. Just rub the inside of the peel against your teeth until they’re entirely covered in banana paste. The application should be at least 2 minutes and should leave for about ten minutes. Remember to brush the teeth afterwards to remove the residue.

7. Remove warts


It is believed that applying a banana peel to a wart each night can cause it to disappear. Grab a piece of ripe banana peel and cover the area using a medical tape. Do this every night and only remove the peel in the morning. Continue the process until it’s completely gone.

8. Tenderize meat


To keep your meat from drying out while it cooks, just try to add ripe banana peel to the pan to keep it juicy.

9. Heal bruises


There are home remedies for healing a bruise but using a banana peel is the most easy and simple. You can rub the peel to the area or secure it with a medical tape.

10. Control aphids


You, especially gardeners may use banana peels to help get rid of aphids. You can shred and sprinkle them around your plants or you can bury them in the garden.

11. Pain reliever


Attach banana peels to your pained area for about 20 minutes until you feel completely relieved.

Have you tried a banana peel for any of those purposes before? Does it works for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. If you find this helpful, you may share this to your friends and family online. For more updates, feel free to visit this website more often. Thank you!


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