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Surprising Positive Effects Of Having Acne

Dermatologists have long said oily skin, considered among the top causes of acne, is the leading crusader against the effects of aging skin. During a 2015 study on facial eye wrinkles, doctors found that people with higher sebaceous gland density, which are the glands in the skin that secrete oil, had shallower wrinkles than those who lacked in sebaceous glands around their eyes.

If you have acne, chances are good that you do something each and every day to try and get rid of it. These things may range from being totally normal (washing your face with a salicylic acid scrub) to a little weird (using a DIY face mask from Pinterest that promises to “burn acne away”) to totally outlandish (offering to give up your soul once it leaves your mortal body for clear skin), but, whatever it is, you’re probably doing something.

But you might not want to sell your soul for a zit-free face quite yet–as it turns out, there are a bunch of weird benefits to having pimples that you might not have been aware of before. And, to be clear, these are real, physical benefits. Not just emotional ones that your mom probably tries to sell you like “it builds character” and “it’ll make you more appreciative of clear skin when you actually have it” that, while technically true enough, don’t really do much to ease the burden of acne in the moment that you have it. So, check out these surprising benefits of acne here:

1. Great conversation starter.
Well, you obviously don’t walk up to someone and say “Hi, I like your acne!”

You, the “owner” of the acne could use a self-depreciating remark to break the ice in many situations. Like seriously, it just might work. Or not. You never know, depends on your audience.

2. Perfect excuse for not being interested in slapping on full make up.
I’m one of those people who are just not interested in foundation and concealer and the full works. At least not yet. So many people keep asking me “Why don’t you wear makeup?”

Before, I’d try to explain that I’m a lipstick and eyeliner kinda person which would of course lead to the “Why?!!!” which is a really dark road filled with odd looks and lots of follow up questions. You don’t wanna go there.

These days, I just point at my face with a resigned expression “It’s because of my acne” If they still don’t look convinced, I add “You know, I don’t wanna clog my pores…”. They then nod understandingly.

*Dusts hands* Neatly done.

3. You belong to a wide community of understanding fellows
We acne people have to stick together ya know? Plus, there are so many topics you could discuss with a fellow acne sufferer. For example,

Person with acne: Ugh I’m just so tired of acne, so frustrating!

Me: What products have you used?

Person with acne: Lots! Right now I’m using Aleo Vera, honey sugar scrub and other organic stuff.

Me: Yea! I tried the organic way too! The Aleo Vera stuff worked for a while and this leads to other cool things and we eventually become besties.

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