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This Is The Right Time To Eat A Banana To Get Its Full Health Benefits

We know that bananas are healthy. They are delicious and have a number of vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep the body healthy. Also, it’s available all-year round so we don’t have to wait for the time when it is going to be available in the market. Admit it, you also like eating bananas.

While eating bananas is definitely good, do you know that there is actually a right time to eat bananas? According to reports, the right time to eat bananas is when it’s already ripe. But, there are also instances that you should green bananas because there are pros and cons.

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Here, we will teach you what are the benefits of eating ripe and green bananas so you will be able to consume its health benefits.  You will know when is the best time to eat the fruit according to your current diet plan. The photo below is your guide in choosing the right bananas.

banana ripe

Unripe Bananas (1-3)

If you are trying to avoid foods with high in sugar content, you should eat green bananas. So, people who have Type 2 diabetes are advised to eat unripe bananas rather than the ripe bananas.

In addition, green bananas contain also a friendly bacterium that keeps your colon healthy and it has properties that help you absorb nutrients better, especially calcium.

Ripe Bananas (4-7)

Nutritionists say that the more brown spots in the banana, the more healthier they are. As they ripen, its antioxidant properties increase and they become easily to digest.

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However, it’s sugar content is also increased that’s why diabetic people were told not to eat this kind of banana. The amount of vitamins and  minerals are also lessen during the ripening process. But to avoid it, you should put it in the refrigerator.

Now, you already know when is the best time to eat this wonderful fruit. Hopefully, this will help you become even more healthy. Include bananas in your diet and you will be at your best state.

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