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Health Science Authority Warns Public Over Counterfeit Eye-Mo Drops Sold In SG That Can Possibly Cause Blindness

Due to intense use, our eyes also feel weak, achy, and heavy. Tired eye is the other term for that annoying condition commonly known to us as eyestrain. Extended amount of driving or reading, lack of sleep, working in front of computer for long hours, exposure to bright lights, to mention a few are the reasons why our eyes hurt and our vision blurs.

Eyestrain can decrease productivity. To relieve discomfort and refresh our eyes, we sometimes use eye drops. Eye drops can soothe red, dry, and irritated eyes. Eye-Mo for instance, contains Hypremellose, Benzalkonium Chloride, and Edetate Disodium that offers help in relieving eye discomfort.

But on 1 March 2016, the Health Science Authority (HSA)issued a public health and safety alert over ‘fake’ Eye Mo drops and Eye Mo Moist sold at two shops in Singapore.

Fake Imitation Eye Mo Eyedrops_2

GlaxoSmithKline, eye mo’s manfacturer, confirmed the products sold at the two shops as fake. GlaxosmithKline’s genuine eye mo products are available at pack sizes 7.5 ml, 9 ml, 15 ml, and 18 ml whereas the counterfeit versions are only available in 7.5 ml.


HSA warns the public over these imitation eye drops that may pose severe health risk when directly administered to the eyes. The eye drops were said to be of poor quality with bacterial contamination which can cause infections and potentially lead to serious complications such as corneal ulcersand blindness. They also carries higher risk of infections especially when the user has had recent ocular surgery or has pre- existing diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

To be safe, make sure to discard immediately the products you may have bought if they fit the descriptions below:

Combination 1: Eye Mo Regular; Batch number: 15106160 ;Manufacturing date: 06/03/15

Combination 2: Eye Mo Regular; Batch number: 15025028; Manufacturing date: 18/03/15

Combination 3: Eye Mo Moist; Batch number: 15004105; Manufacturing date: 30/04/15

Finally, consumers should be wary in purchasing health products as it cannot be verified where and how these products were manufactured.

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