Tuesday,21 May,2019
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Be Aware: Here Are the Common Signs Of Brain Aneurysm That Everybody Should Be Aware Of

An aneurysm occurs when part of an artery wall weakens, allowing it to widen abnormally or balloon out.The causes of aneurysms are sometimes unknown. Some may be congenital, meaning a person is born with them. An aneurysm may also occur as the result of aortic disease or an injury.

A family history of aneurysm may increase your risks of developing an aneurysm. Other risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking.

Take a look at this video below to know the common signs of aneurysm.

If you’ve been diagnosed with an unruptured aneurysm, work closely with your health care professional. Depending on its size and location, you may require regular check-ups to monitor any changes to the aneurysm.

Some aneurysms may require surgery to reinforce the artery wall with a stent. In cases where the aneurysm has ballooned out the side of the blood vessel, a coiling procedure may be done to close off the area.

To lower your risks for aneurysm, take these steps to promote healthy blood vessels:

Control high blood pressure
Eat healthy foods
Get regular physical activity
Quit Smoking
Manage stress

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