Monday,17 June,2019
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The Reason Why There Are Bumps On The F And J On Your Keyboard

Technologies potential has sky rocketed over the last few years. In recent years, their have been amazing and transformative innovations in touch screen technology, computer performance, and wearable tech. However, their is one aspect of tech and computers that seems to have been somewhat neglected. You can’t deny that the keyboard has pretty much always been the same. Although they may look much sleeker in some instances, the actual functionality of them is pretty basic.

#1 Keyboard Secret

With new technology and ways to communicate being created every day, there’s one part of the computer which has remained the same throughout the decades…the keyboard.


#2 One Simple Feature

But did you know there are hidden features and reasons as to why the keyboard has been designed the way it is…and has remained that way for so long?


#3 F & J

If you’re on a computer, look down at your keyboard – do you see those bumps located on the F and J key?



These tiny bumps help improve your speed and accuracy when typing…but how? When you’re preparing to type on your keyboard your fingers naturally place themselves on the F & J key, letting you know that ASD and KL; are nearby. We can all thank inventor June E. Botich for creating such a simple yet useful addition to the keyboard.


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