Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Caught in video, volcanic eruption sent a tremendous shockwave.

One of the most captivating views of nature is the perfect shape of a volcano. People get to see volcanoes when travelling. They usually use their telescopes to get a better view of the volcano [...]

If flying has been your greatest dream, you must try this once-in-a lifetime experience.

This will wow you to the maximum level as this zip line will bring you to certain heights that you have been dreaming of. If you want to fly, this is actually your chance to [...]

Brace yourself for these extremely big animals.

This video is really spectacular. If you happen to see various animals in your vicinity, you will just think that they are just having the ordinary size. But you will not believe at first that [...]

With the advent of technology and man’s incessant desire, hoverboards comes to life!

The heat is on. Soon a tumultuous crowd would frolic the streets to get a better view of amazing stunts on water. Cameras will be again used to capture breathtaking exhibitions. The loud rumbling of [...]

You would feel in love with the way they put their heart into their beautifully crafted art.

Aside from the arousing aroma of food and exquisite musicality of sounds or music, we, human beings, are being dazed by the amazing execution of arts in different mediums. If you were an artist, consider [...]

Watching them makes anyone feel like they are being serenaded by young, romantic lad who sings from the heart.

Let us make music alive in our hearts. Let it be a good reason for us to feel in love all throughout the days in our lives. Make it happen through singing this song that [...]

So incredible! fish swallowed a 4 feet SHARK, effortlessly!

[mashshare] Nature has been one of the most captivating creations of God. We feel amazed on how God marvelously created nature. We may say that He has properly put everything in order. Aside from the [...]

This is soooo awesome! I’ve watched it a hundred times and can’t figure out how anyone can dislike this. Best proposal EVER!

Are you about to get married? Are you looking for an awesome marriage proposal technique where you could entice your girlfriend to say “a big YES” to your marriage proposal? If “YES”, you must watch [...]

Amazingly executed, this video will blow your minds away.

If you do not have something to do, you might want to experiment on some things in your vicinity. There are a lot of things to learn about the environment. During your boring days, you [...]

This is the epic Prison’s flash mob with Michel Jackson’s song

They are not really professional dancers nor expert choreographers. They do not have intensive training in dancing nor rigid coaching in choreography. They simply do not have the choreographer who teaches them the right moves [...]