Wednesday,26 June,2019
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With this video, you will be able to know much about your brain and other underlying truths about its functions.

How much do you know about your brain? This video will break your myths on the functionality of your brain as this will answer some of your queries about the human brain. Well, this is [...]

Kayakers in Argentina were in for a big surprise when these creature suddenly appeared out of nowhere! Totally fascinating video!

If you want to unravel the mystery of the sea, go out and consider kayaking as one of the best ways. You will find yourself in the middle of the vastness of the sea as [...]

Have you heard Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean played in beer bottles? Yeah Beer bottles! Watch. :)

Trash can turn into cash. People scavenge for trash so that they could sell and make money out of it. Likewise others are making money out of recycling materials such as paper, cans and bottles. [...]

Whew! — “Our Leader the Mockingjay” – Official Teaser Trailer

Written by Suzanne Collins, the Hunger Games phenomenon has continued to set the world in fire. It has begun with The Hunger Games, the first book in the Hunger Games of Trilogy. Later on, the [...]

I was literally mesmerized watching this video! Really Really awesome! See why :)

It boils down to good music! Music has become part of the lives of people. Some say that music heals the wounded soul for its soothing melodies bring the soul a sense of relief. When [...]

Animals are also affectionate and friendly… Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.

Too much of something is dangerous. This is true when this dog passes out after a reunion with its boss who has returned home after 2 years which is actually equivalent to 14 years in [...]

The Assassins Creed comes into life! Watch…

It’s fun when they are real! The Assassins Creed will finally come into life. The acrobatic moves and the leaps of video games are indeed nothing compared to seeing real parkour practitioners trudge their way [...]

Watch this video and Fly like an Eagle!

You might consider putting a camera on a cat or a dog just to capture its marvelous movement. You might consider capturing the dramatic sunset and the breathtaking sunrise for they evoke beautiful emotions. But, [...]

This is a touching story. A flightless bird dreaming to fly like other birds…

Some dreams are actually worth dying for. As we grow in this world, we form our dreams and make them a reality. Sometimes we dream of the impossible but there are also dreams that are [...]

What has been incredible with this man is his ability to smile…

In the midst of the scrutinizing eyes of the society, this man has not been left out nor has not been judged based on his looks. Having a good perception towards life, he has touched [...]