Monday,27 May,2019
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Fantastic! Witness a unique show that will amaze your whole family!

While some people enjoy a relaxing massage and an entertaining movie in a movie theater, some people frequent spectacular shows which showcase the talents and the creativity of human beings. In some countries around the [...]

Concentrate, Meditate and Behold!

This one amazing guy has been called many times and when the staff looked up, they just saw him meditating.  He focuses and relaxes his mind so that his mind will not be distracted by [...]

A bad place to realize that greed will just put us in the middle of nowhere.

This is just one the amazing short clips that features the hideous truth about human nature. When God has equally given us the capacity to thrive in this complicated world, we find ourselves at pace [...]

Top 20 Most Amazing Places On The Planet. Captivating!

The planet is blessed with jaw-dropping, captivating and breathtaking places which speak about how marvelous God is. He created these places that inspire every traveler to roam around the world just to capture how dramatically [...]

What makes this art intriguing? Its amazing accuracy.

Figure and check this out! Water as the universal solvent can be beautifully used to express an art. This is not just a common-type of art you see elsewhere but an art that is so [...]

The ultimate showdown between rabbit and magician

We can never go wrong with this Pixar’s 5 minute short film that certainly gives the viewers a good laugh. Even without the words, the film came out brilliantly which induces more laughs, laughs and [...]

Abandoned Ducklings, Adopted by a Cat.

Who would ever think that this cat would nurse the ducklings as if they were her own kittens? Probably, some might think that this is a hoax. But behold! This is not just an ordinary [...]

This got my day going. The photos and video are beautiful.

“Serendipity”- This is true for Clark Little, a renowned surf photographer, who did not plan to be a photographer but was catapulted to beautifully capture the shorebreaks after realizing that he wanted to emulate his [...]