Monday,27 May,2019
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Hardcore Little Girl Sings The Alphabet Song In Heavy Metal Style

The first song that parents usually teach to their little children  is the alphabet. It’s already a mainstream but this baby girl knows how to revive it and make her own version. This adorable kid [...]

Friendly Dog Interrupted Two Skiers On The Slope

During winter, we can do a lot of activities. We can ski, we can build a snowman and we can join in the snowball fight. But it’s not only us humans who love snow because [...]

This Is What Exactly The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Dad With Daughter

It is common for mothers to stay on their houses and take good care of their kids, but for fathers, its much less so. Being a stay-at-home dad and quitting the job might be one [...]

Father Edits The Video Of Her Daughter In Jolly Jumper And The Result Is So Funny

When mothers are out of the home, fathers are left and they are tasked to take care of their children. New mother Stacy had to go out for an our to fix something else and [...]

This French Bulldog Struggles To Stay Awake As She Goes For A Morning Drive With Her Owner

It’s really hard to stay awake when you really wanted to sleep yet the sun is still up. Your eyelids become heavy and your limbs are losing strength but you still struggle to stay wake [...]

Owner Puts His Cell Phone On His Cat And Does The Cutest Thing Ever

You can always also go to stores to buy a phone stand, but you can also found it inside your home. I’m not saying that you make it using the items around like making a [...]

This 4-Year-Old Girl’s Reaction To Learning That She’ll Have A New Sibling Is Simply Adorable

Some children don’t want to have a younger sister or brother because they think that their parents will no longer notice or love them. They are afraid that one day, they will be left out [...]

Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers At The Mall And Hilariously Mimics Them

Our childhood would not be complete without our favorite Disney characters. Although they are fictional, most of us have only seen them on televisions, DVDs or internet because going to Disney parks would cost a [...]

What makes these people happy lurks just in the corner– and it’s inspiring!

Spread happiness. Be happy always since happiness is a choice. It is a state that you must pursue so that you would not regret in the end. Happiness is a state of mind. If we [...]

Ever wonder how twins look at each other the first time? Cuteness overload.

We actually have been fascinated by babies especially when they appear on the web. They have been an internet sensation because of their cute and angelic faces which seem to love the camera. The fascinating [...]