Monday,17 June,2019
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Her father surprise performance made everyone cried…

We can never be with our parents forever for everything has been changing. Cliché may it seem but our journey in life continues as we embark on another journey not with our parents but with [...]

The crew giggled a lot upon hearing that this guy was speaking in Filipino

Fast food chains are located around the world. These fast food chains have amazed millions of people. There are several fast food chains around the world that are considered to be popular because they have [...]

Oh my! Everything seems to glow. Science Creates Glowing Kittens, Monkeys and Sheep!

Science is now dominating the global world. Aside from creating inventions, science is now giving an eye to living organisms especially finding them some coping mechanism in surviving in their natural world. One of the [...]

With great beard comes great responsibility!

It is nice to be a child especially when you got to spend quality time with your family. You would be able to feel the love of your parents since they were really very caring [...]

10 most amazingly stupendous mind-blowing illusions…

There are some things that you would question your eyes, your focus and eventually your sanity. There are a lot of things that are happening in our world. Sometimes, these things have been happening because [...]

An awesome hand shadow performance that will bring a smile on your face :)

The world is at your hand. This is simply one of the amazing hand arts that will blow your minds away. Amazingly demonstrated, this work of hands has paved way in demonstrating an art that [...]

The struggle between a stick figure and its creator, a computer animator.

You would get engrossed by looking at this video. When you watch this video, you will finally say to yourself that this is one of the many things that can be linked to technology and [...]

This marvelous cat is like a baby! What an amazing cute cat!

A cat, as an internet sensation, has once again hit the web. Viewed by many people, this cat is not just ordinary pet which only wants some fish and meat from your refrigerator but this [...]

Who says that only humans can dance? This Dog is an awesome dancer!

Dogs are marvelous animals. They are awesome and incredible that they have been featured in most videos in youtube and any other networking site. Aside from their abilities to guards or houses and establishments, dogs [...]

Unbelievable! A great dog has astounded the audience with its ability to answer mathematical questions!

This dog is certainly marvelous. We will be surprised about how this dog becomes so smart that it could answer a mathematical question. You will give this dog a standing ovation for answering questions excellently. [...]