Tuesday,18 June,2019
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This Cup Song is one of a kind– It’s Crazy!

This is just one you should not miss. You could watch an Asian girl who is trying to create a great beat using a plastic cup. Rock n’ roll! She rocks in the video. Unfortunately, [...]

This is the matrix cat. He sees everything in slow motion.

We all know that cats are marvelous animals. They are great pets at home, and they are a source of happiness for pet lovers and owners. In the web, cats have been a YouTube sensation [...]

Very entertaining. I bet you’ve never seen this type of cotton candy art.

Children frolicked towards the side of the street where a young man stood inside his food stall. He was so engrossed in making something in front of a not so big stove. On his left [...]

Elephant engaged in cute behavior, enjoys playing with a hula hoop.

This is actually possible since animals are also endowed with brain and intelligence. They are also gregarious which means they love to be with their group or clicks. In fact, this is true to elephants [...]

If you are happy, do not be afraid to express yourself regardless you are fat or thin.

No to discrimination and always say YES to equality. Men and women are created equal. In our society, people should be given equal rights. Justice should also be equal between the rich and the poor [...]

This parrot resembles a human being who resonates bravery despite being bombarded by problems in life.

This is quite unusual thing that you are going to observe. Aside from the dog and cat relationship, this relationship is funnier than ever. Let the battle begin and at the end of the video, [...]

Aside from being pleasing on TV, this animal is meek as if it is like a baby who needs nurturing and care. Funny Cats.

When you are in a state of solitude and sadness, do not worry anymore because there a lot of reasons to smile. Life is beautiful, and happiness is still a matter of choice. With this, [...]

Even though they are both young, they too can sense each other very well. Very cute.

Animals are also friendly since they also have the ability to socialize with others especially to human beings. Through their non-verbal cues and sounds, they are able to communicate their feelings to human beings. They [...]

People’s reactions to the animals in this video are actually Funny. Totally hilarious :)

What an amazing compilation of animals in Safari! They all have it. They can be the wackiest creations of God. Some of them are awesome and are hilariously doing things that make everyone laugh. Some [...]

See how dolphins laugh. So contagious :) Amazing :)

Explore the beauty of the sea. Through this video, you will be able to see a partial view of creatures of the sea. One of these creatures is the dolphin which is considered to be [...]