Thursday,25 April,2019
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Jaw dropped and Goosebumps all over from this Beautiful Fire Performance.

Aside from using fire in cooking, you would probably think of some of the many ways of using fire. Fire is dangerous. Because of the use of fire, many houses have been accidentally burned into [...]

Who says that only humans can dance? This Dog is an awesome dancer!

Dogs are marvelous animals. They are awesome and incredible that they have been featured in most videos in youtube and any other networking site. Aside from their abilities to guards or houses and establishments, dogs [...]

Dance like you are the most amazing creatures on earth. Dance in the beat of life!

Drop your work and start warming up your muscles. Leave behind all the pains and doubts that you have been heaving. Start looking for your center while your mind is meditating like you are about [...]

If you are happy, do not be afraid to express yourself regardless you are fat or thin.

No to discrimination and always say YES to equality. Men and women are created equal. In our society, people should be given equal rights. Justice should also be equal between the rich and the poor [...]

I started laughing 2 seconds in and I couldn’t stop. Hahaha This is Funny!

Could you stand watching this video without laughing or grinning? What makes this video fabulous and funny to some people? But, what certainly makes this video a bit of annoyance to some video watchers. Challenge [...]

This is the epic Prison’s flash mob with Michel Jackson’s song

They are not really professional dancers nor expert choreographers. They do not have intensive training in dancing nor rigid coaching in choreography. They simply do not have the choreographer who teaches them the right moves [...]

Truly, a very inspiring video– The Daddy Daughter Dance Off :)

[mashshare] Working parents sometimes neglect their responsibilities of talking to their children or even asking their children about their performance in school, the latest about themselves, the things that they want to do or things [...]

The rhythm of the song played in this video will drive away the burdens in your heart.

Music is a panacea to our woes. The rhythm of the song played in this video will drive away the burdens in your heart, thus making you think that life is indeed beautiful. By listening [...]