Tuesday,21 May,2019
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There is nothing more valuable on this earth than the gift of love…

During special occasion such as Christmas and birthday, we tend to expect gifts from our loved ones most especially from our parents. In these special events, our parents have nothing in mind but to give [...]

The crew giggled a lot upon hearing that this guy was speaking in Filipino

Fast food chains are located around the world. These fast food chains have amazed millions of people. There are several fast food chains around the world that are considered to be popular because they have [...]

With great beard comes great responsibility!

It is nice to be a child especially when you got to spend quality time with your family. You would be able to feel the love of your parents since they were really very caring [...]

Oh my gahhd! This is Genius: How to Seal your Chip Bag without a Clip

Have you ever experienced eating soggy chips because you do not want to throw them? Have you ever find difficulty in maintaining the crispness of your chips since you do not know how to seal [...]

The struggle between a stick figure and its creator, a computer animator.

You would get engrossed by looking at this video. When you watch this video, you will finally say to yourself that this is one of the many things that can be linked to technology and [...]

Supermom tip on how to prepare your son for school in under 5min.

You would give this woman five thumbs up and a standing ovation. She is a great woman in the arena of parenthood. She can afford to do multi-tasking and can perform great things for her [...]

Who says that only humans can dance? This Dog is an awesome dancer!

Dogs are marvelous animals. They are awesome and incredible that they have been featured in most videos in youtube and any other networking site. Aside from their abilities to guards or houses and establishments, dogs [...]

The world is full of wonders– A 5 year old master concert pianist plays for 101 years old grandmom. A must watch for all…

Human beings are endowed with talents. We are definitely blessed for having the capacity or ability to share our gifts to others. This may mean that we should not conceal our talents to ourselves because [...]

Watch how she reacts to her flu shot. Hilarious.

Are you familiar with this, aren’t you? This is actually a video that would remind you of your fear, of your childhood, and of the times that you got sick. Your parents were to the [...]

What does it take to live with Tigers? I mean literally live. Your whole family, with them.

They might be the most dangerous animals but their heart for humanity is too big. This happens when they are also given a fitful devotion and a nice treatment. Perhaps, you might find this Brazilian [...]