Tuesday,21 May,2019
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Story of a mother. This is so beautiful. I am crying.

I love you, Mom. This line would simply evoke hundreds of emotions from us. Though the line is simple, the message it sends to all of us is extraordinarily beautiful. It would leave us crying, [...]

As we look at this video, we can say that Frozen has influenced our daily activities. This is Hilarious!

Everybody fell in love with the Disney “Frozen” as it didn’t only play a wonderful rendition of the song “Let it Go” but it also conveyed a lot of moral truths about our existence and [...]

This interview conducted by a father to his one-year-old child is captivating and incredible.

Research says that talking to your child when he is still young develops his cognitive skills and abilities. Likewise, making your child listens to music and song develops his musicality. Other parents would expose their [...]

The song is fitted for this video because it encompasses everything about being with our father.

This is a just so priceless that it converges a lot of emotions from the viewers. It is nice to see this dad spending and wasting time with his cute, lovely and dashing daughter. So, [...]

Watching them makes anyone feel like they are being serenaded by young, romantic lad who sings from the heart.

Let us make music alive in our hearts. Let it be a good reason for us to feel in love all throughout the days in our lives. Make it happen through singing this song that [...]

We can’t help but admire this driver whose positive attitude and outlook in life is exceptional.

Have you experienced having a great ride of your life? Perhaps, you will have a chance to ride in a public transportation that gives you a very exciting ride, amazing ambiance and relaxing feeling. You [...]

He jumps in joy and he doesn’t think of being trapped in the sad part of reality

Remember this, “Happiness is always a choice”. Human beings can choose to be happy even in the lowest point of their lives. In fact, the world offers a lot of reasons for you to smile [...]

Haha i will Never get my abs back the past is in the past hahah LOL

After the skyrocketing success of the 3D computer-animated film “ Frozen, the” Let It Go” has gone viral on you tube and other social networking sites. Various versions came flooding on the web featuring people [...]

This ALWAYS happens in my house EVERY TIME ! :) hahaha Funny.

Wanna challenge yourselves on karaoke? Or, you might consider challenging somebody to sing with you in a karaoke challenge? What about considering this thing and gets a few praises for your outstanding performances? Well, music [...]

He was alone as if the world has forsaken him, then finally came a helping hands…

After watching this video, I almost broke into sobs. This is a beautiful clip that introduces us to the reality that life is sometimes unpredictable and cruel. When we have thought that we had almost [...]