Wednesday,19 June,2019
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There is nothing on this planet that is cuter than a happy baby elephant being reunited to its family.

This is certainly one of the most anticipated reunions of all times not by humans but by animals. These humongous animals belong to the family of Elephantidae in the order of Proboscidea. The two species [...]

This is both precious and hilarious. The sweetest thing.

This video that has gone viral in YouTube is a genuine definition of true love and sacrifice. The love of the woman for her husband, Jason, is so genuine that she is willing to be [...]

This is soooo awesome! I’ve watched it a hundred times and can’t figure out how anyone can dislike this. Best proposal EVER!

Are you about to get married? Are you looking for an awesome marriage proposal technique where you could entice your girlfriend to say “a big YES” to your marriage proposal? If “YES”, you must watch [...]

Watch this amazingly cute video! “I will protect you…”

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in the video. This showcases the pure innocence and goodness of youth as they continue to become an inspiration to other people. But, is this really [...]

This video teaches us to have a childlike attitude.

We all have worth remembering memories. These memories are so priceless that they are forever enshrined in our minds. In our solitude, the precious memories that we have keep on flooding on our minds, and [...]

Truly, a very inspiring video– The Daddy Daughter Dance Off :)

[mashshare] Working parents sometimes neglect their responsibilities of talking to their children or even asking their children about their performance in school, the latest about themselves, the things that they want to do or things [...]

So, why would you fear old age if you can always go back to the happiness of being a child?

It is not our choice to get old physically because as the earth grows old, we also become mature and old. We could not deny the reality that we reach the stage when wrinkles develop [...]

Nothing is permanent in this world except change, Saddie :)

Why can’t this child understand that everything changes? Nothing is permanent in this world except change. Or, you would understand that the child is full of innocence; she has not yet understood that everyone grows [...]

Video that will remind us to celebrate the goodness of our heart…

Being rich is not all about how much you have but how much you can give. Truly, this line has struck us in the heart. It talks about how our generosity can touch the hearts [...]

Happiness has always been a choice. Watch this video and be happy :)

Have you experienced being appreciated in front of the big crowd? Well, you must have been in immense joy after hearing those words of appreciation. Have you been given a warmest greeting though you have [...]