Tuesday,21 May,2019
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I have a son, and I got moved by how this father reacted to his son’s grades…

How do you perceive Mathematics? So far how are you doing in your math subject? Have you passed or failed the examination? Well, think about it. Math is not bad at all. Getting a C [...]

This video brings us to the belief that love is still sacred.

Till death do us part! If people would be asked about the real meaning of love, they would probably answer that love is something that stays till eternity. Love is a universal feeling. Humans are [...]

This simple yet sweet remembrance of the groom has made the bride cry—tears of joy.

Love binds our hearts together. Two hearts are locked to each other in the sacrament of matrimony. In this sacred binding, a man and woman are bound to spend their life together until eternity. They [...]

Watching this video, one will fall in love with the message delivered by the father to his daughter…

It is every woman’s dream to get married. She makes her life complete by finding a man who will be her partner for a lifetime. They soon begin to live together, and eventually form their [...]

Brace yourself for the cutest Predator ever.

What if kids would wear cosplay attires? Imagine your kids wearing unusual costumes, and they are running around in a particular place. You might consider having a birthday party for your kids with cosplay as [...]

Watch this Wedding proposal gone far beyond the ordinary!

The world is actually done with candlelit dinner for a wedding proposal. The cliché of giving a ring over dinner has been changed by the different ways of proposing to a lady. Through the years, [...]

People walk “invisible dogs” down the streets! Funny.

We, human beings, touch lives in so many ways. We serve as an inspiration to other people especially to those who are in the dim light or those people who have lost sight of hope. [...]

The ultimate showdown between rabbit and magician

We can never go wrong with this Pixar’s 5 minute short film that certainly gives the viewers a good laugh. Even without the words, the film came out brilliantly which induces more laughs, laughs and [...]

Abandoned Ducklings, Adopted by a Cat.

Who would ever think that this cat would nurse the ducklings as if they were her own kittens? Probably, some might think that this is a hoax. But behold! This is not just an ordinary [...]