Monday,20 May,2019
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There is something that makes this video tickling and funny! Watch.

What if humans have this nose of a cat? Funny, isn’t it? Look how this video started with a lady with a cat’s nose. Now, cats have dominated the internet with their amazing tricks and [...]

A bad place to realize that greed will just put us in the middle of nowhere.

This is just one the amazing short clips that features the hideous truth about human nature. When God has equally given us the capacity to thrive in this complicated world, we find ourselves at pace [...]

A Compilation of Hilarious Fail and Win!

Winning and failing are two opposite things that both teach us some lessons in life. Winning develops our self-confidence while failing will make us humble. Life teaches us different lessons which mold us to become [...]

They have the ingenuity and the creativity to make extraordinary things out of their ordinary talents.

Despite being bashed in twitters and being ridiculed in social networking sites, some people still have this heart to withstand criticisms. In the advent of technology, a lot of people upload photographs and videos to blogs [...]


Caught in CCTV! The closed-circuit television known as CCTV is highly used or employed to be used for surveillance in areas which of course need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience [...]

The ultimate showdown between rabbit and magician

We can never go wrong with this Pixar’s 5 minute short film that certainly gives the viewers a good laugh. Even without the words, the film came out brilliantly which induces more laughs, laughs and [...]

Baby fascinated by his eyebrows, left millions absolutely smiling.

This isn’t an ordinary eyebrow raising exercise but a spark of discovery when baby Leon has just discovered that he has these two cute eyebrows at the top of his eyes. Even his giggles were [...]