Sunday,17 December,2017
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August 15 – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Solemnity

In this festival the Church commemorates the happy departure from life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her translation into the kingdom of her Son, in which she received from Him a crown of immortal [...]

A Raging Civilian Pulls Knife On Officer, What The Police Officer Did Will Surely Melt Your Heart

The culture in Thailand is so much different. The people there practice respect. The actions they do still reflect on the honor of their family. A place where the locals do and never have a [...]

Joseph Schooling Showed His Appreciation For Her Filipina Nanny’s Undying Support

Joseph Schooling of Singapore pulled off the biggest upset in the swimming competition of the 2016 Rio Olympics after defeating legendary Michael Phelps for the gold medal in the men's 100-meter butterfly. The 21-year old [...]

Look Who’s The Mentor Here! Is That President Obama Teaching Curry How To Play Basketball? Unbelievable!

As a person, we love exposing ourselves to new things. In our quest to discover the things that will make our heart sings, we did not stop pursuing our passions. For most of us, learning [...]

Proud Teen Mom Shares Her Journey On How She Finished Her Studies Despite Having A Kid

This generation most women get pregnant at the age of 15-19. Though this is not our parents want for us, there are times that they continue to support all the decisions we have made. Teenage [...]

The World’s Poorest President Explains Why Rich People Should Not Join Politics

José Alberto "Pepe" Mujica Cordano, or simply knowns as Jose Mujica, is one of the most popular presidents in the world. Not only because he is a good leader, but because of his humbleness. In [...]

This Filipina Teacher Walks For Two Hours And Crosses 5 Rivers Every Day To Reach Her Students

When we were at school, we used to hate our teachers. We hate them for giving us homework and quizzes, for forcing us to study and for punishing us because our mistakes. We hate walking [...]

Worth Reading: Inday Sara Duterte Shares Inspiring Story About Her Father Rody Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, or popularly known as "Digong," is a tough and well-known politician in the Philippines. He was a controversial but popular candidate running for the presidency this coming elections. You may [...]

A Big Surprise: Staff And Students Take A Moment To Express Their Love And Gratitude For Their School Janitor

Let's face the fact that students would really be lazy to come to school that appears unclean right? Who would want to study in a dirty area? That's why we should all be thankful that [...]

People Were Asked To Write Their Biggest Regret. Their Response Will Make You Think Harder.

Life is full of regrets. You regret of doing something that you should not do or the other way around. But, it's life and all of us would experience it at one point in our [...]