Monday,27 May,2019
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Dwarf Fashion Show In Paris Showcase Little Women As A Runaway Model

Whenever you see the tall and lean models that walk the runways and editorials for the leading fashion brands and designers, these are the high fashion models. They are generally between 5”8 to 5”11, with [...]

This Young Syrian Refugee’s Reaction After Seeing A Police In Uniform Will Break Your Heart

They Syrian people may have escaped the calamity from their country, but there is one thing they could never get away from: the memories of the very unfortunate situation. Kids were mostly affected by the [...]

This Video Will Surely Change Your Perspective About The Beggars

Some people believed that aspiring beggary is wretchedness in itself. They believe that beggars were sturdy people who have always stout denials why they became to be beggars. They think these beggars are only playing [...]

Inspiring Story Of A Man Born With No Arms And Legs Shows His Strength Towards Life

If you have a complete arms and legs you would say you are one of the luckiest people that were born in this world. A person who can enjoy the world and appreciate what is [...]

This Little Heroine Of Animals Got A Standing Ovation After Reciting A Poetry Concerning Endangered Animals

Have you ever heard of a young girl who has the great passion at such young age in protecting the planet and the animals at the same time? Well, we are delighted to know that [...]

Gifted With Good Echolocation, This Extraordinary Boy Could See Without Eyes

People just dislike the idea of lacking or losing. Remember, God loves us all. When you lack talent, He compensates you by giving you a sense of humor without you noticing it. That’s the hidden [...]

Spectacular Painting Of A Young Girl Raised In An Atheist Home: The Images Of Heaven

We have been gifted by God with one gift or another. We are given spiritual gifts such as to be hospitable, to show acts of mercy, to serve one another, to evangelize, etc. and we [...]

Yes, She Took A Nasty Fall But No One Can Control A Determined Girl Not To Win The Race

As a runner you need a vigorous training to keep going even when it’s hard. You need to keep going even if it hurts and even you stumble and fall. And it is very hard [...]

If You Think Being A Seafarer Is Easy, You Better Check This Out

Being a seafarer is not easy. They may be earning enough to support the needs of their family, everyday, they are fighting the loneliness of being miles away from their loved ones. That is just [...]

How Far Is The Difference Between The Life Of Rich And Poor?

We live in different place and way of living. There are people who are blessed to have an abundant lifestyle, away from crisis and poverty. But there are some who are unlucky enough to have [...]