Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Definitely This Video Clip Will Bring Us To The Journey Of Our Life

Wherever we go, we will always go back to the place where our dreams have been first formed, where our first breath has been given off, where our heart belongs to and where our emotions [...]

Trail your dreams and fulfill your destiny!

Life is beautiful! We can never fathom how deep the mystery of life is but we can always learn how to envelope ourselves with its overwhelming mysteries. There’s no reason to just sit down and [...]

I have a son, and I got moved by how this father reacted to his son’s grades…

How do you perceive Mathematics? So far how are you doing in your math subject? Have you passed or failed the examination? Well, think about it. Math is not bad at all. Getting a C [...]

Beautiful People…

The way we look at ourselves is far different from the way others perceive us. When we think that we are not that beautiful or handsome, other people see us in better perspectives. We criticize [...]

This video brings us to the belief that love is still sacred.

Till death do us part! If people would be asked about the real meaning of love, they would probably answer that love is something that stays till eternity. Love is a universal feeling. Humans are [...]

Because men have this heart for humanity

In our world today, a lot people are hungry and weak; some are depressed and destitute and some suffer from the wrath of calamities. Sometimes, we think that we are lucky enough because we are [...]

Watching this video, one will fall in love with the message delivered by the father to his daughter…

It is every woman’s dream to get married. She makes her life complete by finding a man who will be her partner for a lifetime. They soon begin to live together, and eventually form their [...]

What has been incredible with this man is his ability to smile…

In the midst of the scrutinizing eyes of the society, this man has not been left out nor has not been judged based on his looks. Having a good perception towards life, he has touched [...]

A bad place to realize that greed will just put us in the middle of nowhere.

This is just one the amazing short clips that features the hideous truth about human nature. When God has equally given us the capacity to thrive in this complicated world, we find ourselves at pace [...]

Can you actually stop your heart from crying watching this?

What if you are imprisoned in the cruelty of life for 50 years and no one has freed you from that tapestry?  Will you be able to survive the immense loneliness? Perhaps, you will lose [...]