Monday,27 May,2019
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Your Lips Could Tell A Lot About Your Personality In Love

If palmistry believes that the features of our hands and palms could reveal so much about our personality, lipsology also believes that our lips could tell a lot about our character. We all have different [...]

Common Sleeping Positions That Could Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

Nothing is sweeter than sleeping with the person you love the most. But do you know that your sleeping positions could provide insights about your relationship? According to a study, you cannot fake your body [...]

Pilot Proposes To Flight Attendant Girlfriend In The Middle Of Flight

Every woman want a beautiful wedding proposal. It may be grand or not but what’s important is, the man is sincere. With thousands of proposals happening each year, one man wanted to ask his girlfriend’s [...]

Home Video Shows Married Couple Crossing Paths 16 Years Before They Were Set Up On A Blind Date

They said if you are really meant for that person, destiny will do everything for you to meet him/her. A 26-year-old home video showed that the married couple Jourdan and Ryan Spencer had actually met [...]

15 Most Glamorous Bridal Shoes You Can Wear On Your Wedding

Every woman is dreaming to have a magical wedding. They want every detail to be remarkable. In addition to fabulous wedding dress, a glamorous pair of shoes is also a must have. Although it may [...]

Ever wonder how twins look at each other the first time? Cuteness overload.

We actually have been fascinated by babies especially when they appear on the web. They have been an internet sensation because of their cute and angelic faces which seem to love the camera. The fascinating [...]

“Pass the Salt Please” — Short Video about Technology and Relationships

There is nothing wrong with technology as long as it doesn’t harm people nor deviate us from our social behavior. When technology is applied in any of our gadgets, we have become dependent on the [...]

Her father surprise performance made everyone cried…

We can never be with our parents forever for everything has been changing. Cliché may it seem but our journey in life continues as we embark on another journey not with our parents but with [...]

This unique video will bring out the drama in our soul.

You will never be alone as the song goes because everybody has the chance to be with his loved one. We can never be alone because in this world we have somebody that would carry [...]

There is nothing more valuable on this earth than the gift of love…

During special occasion such as Christmas and birthday, we tend to expect gifts from our loved ones most especially from our parents. In these special events, our parents have nothing in mind but to give [...]