Monday,27 May,2019
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With great beard comes great responsibility!

It is nice to be a child especially when you got to spend quality time with your family. You would be able to feel the love of your parents since they were really very caring [...]

The world is full of wonders– A 5 year old master concert pianist plays for 101 years old grandmom. A must watch for all…

Human beings are endowed with talents. We are definitely blessed for having the capacity or ability to share our gifts to others. This may mean that we should not conceal our talents to ourselves because [...]

When We Focus On Our Neighbor’s Hunger, We Discover There Are Ways To Feed Everyone.

Each of us has a mission on earth. Our mission is not just to thrive on earth full of challenges and catastrophes but we are here to become a steward of life by helping our [...]

Story of a mother. This is so beautiful. I am crying.

I love you, Mom. This line would simply evoke hundreds of emotions from us. Though the line is simple, the message it sends to all of us is extraordinarily beautiful. It would leave us crying, [...]

The song is fitted for this video because it encompasses everything about being with our father.

This is a just so priceless that it converges a lot of emotions from the viewers. It is nice to see this dad spending and wasting time with his cute, lovely and dashing daughter. So, [...]

He was alone as if the world has forsaken him, then finally came a helping hands…

After watching this video, I almost broke into sobs. This is a beautiful clip that introduces us to the reality that life is sometimes unpredictable and cruel. When we have thought that we had almost [...]

There is nothing on this planet that is cuter than a happy baby elephant being reunited to its family.

This is certainly one of the most anticipated reunions of all times not by humans but by animals. These humongous animals belong to the family of Elephantidae in the order of Proboscidea. The two species [...]

This is both precious and hilarious. The sweetest thing.

This video that has gone viral in YouTube is a genuine definition of true love and sacrifice. The love of the woman for her husband, Jason, is so genuine that she is willing to be [...]

This is soooo awesome! I’ve watched it a hundred times and can’t figure out how anyone can dislike this. Best proposal EVER!

Are you about to get married? Are you looking for an awesome marriage proposal technique where you could entice your girlfriend to say “a big YES” to your marriage proposal? If “YES”, you must watch [...]

Watch this amazingly cute video! “I will protect you…”

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in the video. This showcases the pure innocence and goodness of youth as they continue to become an inspiration to other people. But, is this really [...]