Monday,27 May,2019
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This video teaches us to have a childlike attitude.

We all have worth remembering memories. These memories are so priceless that they are forever enshrined in our minds. In our solitude, the precious memories that we have keep on flooding on our minds, and [...]

Truly, a very inspiring video– The Daddy Daughter Dance Off :)

[mashshare] Working parents sometimes neglect their responsibilities of talking to their children or even asking their children about their performance in school, the latest about themselves, the things that they want to do or things [...]

So, why would you fear old age if you can always go back to the happiness of being a child?

It is not our choice to get old physically because as the earth grows old, we also become mature and old. We could not deny the reality that we reach the stage when wrinkles develop [...]

Video that will remind us to celebrate the goodness of our heart…

Being rich is not all about how much you have but how much you can give. Truly, this line has struck us in the heart. It talks about how our generosity can touch the hearts [...]

Animals are also affectionate and friendly… Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.

Too much of something is dangerous. This is true when this dog passes out after a reunion with its boss who has returned home after 2 years which is actually equivalent to 14 years in [...]

This video brings us to the belief that love is still sacred.

Till death do us part! If people would be asked about the real meaning of love, they would probably answer that love is something that stays till eternity. Love is a universal feeling. Humans are [...]

This simple yet sweet remembrance of the groom has made the bride cry—tears of joy.

Love binds our hearts together. Two hearts are locked to each other in the sacrament of matrimony. In this sacred binding, a man and woman are bound to spend their life together until eternity. They [...]

Watching this video, one will fall in love with the message delivered by the father to his daughter…

It is every woman’s dream to get married. She makes her life complete by finding a man who will be her partner for a lifetime. They soon begin to live together, and eventually form their [...]

Watch this Wedding proposal gone far beyond the ordinary!

The world is actually done with candlelit dinner for a wedding proposal. The cliché of giving a ring over dinner has been changed by the different ways of proposing to a lady. Through the years, [...]

A kiss…

Sometimes it only takes a kiss to spread happiness. A kiss is something that is given to your loved ones such as your parents, friends, acquaintances or your special someone. In fact, a kiss is [...]