Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Starbucks Turned This Abandoned Gas Station Into A Classic Drive-Thru

Starbucks coffee is undoubtedly the most popular coffee shop with more than 20, 000 thousands stores over the world. The mega giant is not only famous for their coffees and Frappés, but it’s also popular for [...]

This House Beside The Cliff In California Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Choosing the best design for a home is very important and considering it’s location is also a must. There are a lot of beautiful homes, however, people doesn’t seemed to appreciate it when it’s situated [...]

Photos Of The Earth’s Newest Island Off The Coast Of Tonga Are Breathtaking

It’s really amazing how Mother Nature can turn a disaster into a something breathtaking. She may sometimes destroy nature through natural phenomenon but she always pay it back with something really beautiful. That’s what she [...]

Photos Of Blue Lagoon Prove That Iceland Has The Most Relaxing Spa In The World

When we plan a vacation, we always want to go to warm or cozy places and have fun under the  sun. It’s already mainstream and a lot of people have already been there. Why not [...]

This Vintage Boeing 727 Was Transformed Into A Luxury Hotel In Costa Rica

Things happen for a certain reason that we sometimes don’t understand. Whether it’s bad or good, we still have to think that it happened because of a purpose. That’s what happened to this crashed plane [...]

This Hotel And Spa In The Middle Of Nature Might Be The Most Relaxing Place You’ll Ever Visit

It’s nice when you go to a hotel and have your body being massaged. In that way, you can relax your body and mind and be free from the stressful moments in your life. But [...]

10 Coolest Movie Theaters In The World That Are Worth Staying For

Sure, you can always watch movies on your home. But you can enjoy the thrill and excitement when you watched it inside a movie theater. Watching a Hollywood movie house with different people gives a [...]

How this Woman cooks is Awesomely Mesmerizing. Wow She is Really Fast.

According to some people, eating is a joy, and food nourishes our body and mind. When we eat, we have a great chance of fulfilling our biological need and that’s to make ourselves healthy through [...]

Read the sign: “Stay Inside your Car”

This is not just one of the ordinary days when you ride in your car. While you are inside your car, you happened to get a glimpse of this king of the jungle, the “Lion”. [...]

The crew giggled a lot upon hearing that this guy was speaking in Filipino

Fast food chains are located around the world. These fast food chains have amazed millions of people. There are several fast food chains around the world that are considered to be popular because they have [...]