Wednesday,26 June,2019
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Caught in video, volcanic eruption sent a tremendous shockwave.

One of the most captivating views of nature is the perfect shape of a volcano. People get to see volcanoes when travelling. They usually use their telescopes to get a better view of the volcano [...]

If you are happy, do not be afraid to express yourself regardless you are fat or thin.

No to discrimination and always say YES to equality. Men and women are created equal. In our society, people should be given equal rights. Justice should also be equal between the rich and the poor [...]

If flying has been your greatest dream, you must try this once-in-a lifetime experience.

This will wow you to the maximum level as this zip line will bring you to certain heights that you have been dreaming of. If you want to fly, this is actually your chance to [...]

You would find the man funny while he was struggling to float on the water.

Wait for the sun to set in the west and feel the moment as if it is one of the most beautiful days in your life. Feel the nature at its best and welcome the [...]

You would feel in love with the way they put their heart into their beautifully crafted art.

Aside from the arousing aroma of food and exquisite musicality of sounds or music, we, human beings, are being dazed by the amazing execution of arts in different mediums. If you were an artist, consider [...]

This is the epic Prison’s flash mob with Michel Jackson’s song

They are not really professional dancers nor expert choreographers. They do not have intensive training in dancing nor rigid coaching in choreography. They simply do not have the choreographer who teaches them the right moves [...]

Happiness has always been a choice. Watch this video and be happy :)

Have you experienced being appreciated in front of the big crowd? Well, you must have been in immense joy after hearing those words of appreciation. Have you been given a warmest greeting though you have [...]

Hole indicates the arrival of a UFO craft? Watch.

Due to human exploitation, our world today has been challenged by environmental catastrophes. There were numerous happenings that have threatened lives on earth. Many have died due to natural calamities such as typhoon, flood and [...]

Watch this video and Fly like an Eagle!

You might consider putting a camera on a cat or a dog just to capture its marvelous movement. You might consider capturing the dramatic sunset and the breathtaking sunrise for they evoke beautiful emotions. But, [...]

200 people frozen in Grand Central Terminal in New York. Crazy.

What if the world freezes for an hour? Would it mean stopping the people from doing their daily activities? It might be weird to think that you would tell people to freeze for an hour [...]