Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Watching the video, the viewers might find this relatable in their daily situations!

Have you been caught in a traffic jam? Have you been in a situation wherein you find it difficult to pass through because of the vehicles jamming on the road? Perhaps you have experienced these [...]

Fasten your seatbelt and experience how it is to fall from heavens!

When adventure gets rough, your adrenaline seems to give you that overwhelming feeling of happiness and excitement. This is one of a kind adventure that will probably make your heart beats faster than it does. [...]

Top 20 Most Amazing Places On The Planet. Captivating!

The planet is blessed with jaw-dropping, captivating and breathtaking places which speak about how marvelous God is. He created these places that inspire every traveler to roam around the world just to capture how dramatically [...]

What are the things that are worth-treasuring?

Funny, scary, awesome and amazing… some might say these words while watching the videos of perfect perspective. Indeed the depth of photography speaks of lines, angles and scenes that are worth captivating. As used in [...]

Abandoned Ducklings, Adopted by a Cat.

Who would ever think that this cat would nurse the ducklings as if they were her own kittens? Probably, some might think that this is a hoax. But behold! This is not just an ordinary [...]

This got my day going. The photos and video are beautiful.

“Serendipity”- This is true for Clark Little, a renowned surf photographer, who did not plan to be a photographer but was catapulted to beautifully capture the shorebreaks after realizing that he wanted to emulate his [...]