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Here’s The Alarming Reason Why You Are Experiencing Pain In Your Big Toe

Ever experienced pain in your big toe without knowing its cause? While this can be normal sometimes, it could be an indication that there is something wrong in your body. It’s a symptom that could put your overall health at risk.

Do you know that pain in the big toe could be a sign of high uric acid levels in the body? Uric acid is produced when the body breaks down the substances called purines which is found in foods. They are usually present in organ meats like liver and kidneys, anchovies, sardines, gravy, beef, bacon, and many more.

If you are fond of eating these foods, it will lead to high uric acid levels or hyperuricemia. This could also lead to serious conditions like kidney failure, kidney stones, diabetes, and renal failure. But of all the effects, gout is the most common and painful effect of negative effect of hyperuricemia. And, your painful big toe could indicate that you have a gout.

But worry no more, there are foods that can help you manage the condition. These foods are low in purines and therefore advisable for people who have gout. It’s important to stick on low-purine diet so the condition will be minimized.

Here are the top foods that are low in purine according to WebMD:

1. Fruits
2. Green Vegetables.
3. Chocolate, Cocoa
4. Nuts
5. Coffee, tea
6. Cheese
7. Eggs
8.Breads, Cereals
9.Low-fat or non-fat milk
10. low-fat yogurt

So, don’t ignore the pain in your big toe because it could be a sign of gout. It would also be easy for you to cure it if the condition is not yet worst.

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