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Warning: Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drinking Cold Water

The Chinese were the first ones to know, understand, and discover that drinking cold water, especially after a meal, is bad for your health, and it could affect the digestion process adversely. But the question that arises is how does cold water affect or hamper the digestion process?

Ice-cold drinks are refreshing in the summer heat, and drinking ice water can help you burn calories. But there’s lots of anecdotal evidence that drinking iced drinks can be bad for you, even when the weather is hot – and the science backs it up.

You’ve probably know how warm water opens your pores and makes your skin feel looser, while cold water closes your pores and constricts your skin. Guess what? Drinking cold water does the same thing to your digestive tract.

When you drink cold beverages, your blood vessels shrink, your digestion becomes restricted, and hydration is hindered.
Instead of working to digest the food and absorb the nutrients to create energy, your body expends energy to regulate your temperature. This can lead to water loss.

Drinking cold water after a meal creates excess mucus in your body, which can lead to a decrease in the immune system function, making it easier to catch cold and other illnesses.

If you eat food while drinking cold beverages or immediately after, the water temperature solidifies fats from the foods you’ve just eaten, and the body in turn finds it hard to digest the unwanted fats from your body.

Some are of the opinion that drinking ice water is beneficial because it burns more calories. I argue that we do not want to make our digestive system work harder; we should make things easy for the digestive system. There are many other ways to burn calories.

Water is very essential; 80% of our body is made up of water. Thus, drinking it in proper quantity, at a proper temperature, and in proper intervals aids digestion and promotes good health. So, the next time you reach out for that glass of cold water after you have had your meal, just think of the nutrients and energy you might lose. The easiest ways to maintain a healthy body is by eating good food and sleeping well. A small mistake can disturb the process of digestion and cause illness.

Now that you know how to avoid these illnesses, ditch the practice of drinking refrigerated water and switch to warm or lukewarm water.

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