Monday,17 June,2019
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Concentrate, Meditate and Behold!

This one amazing guy has been called many times and when the staff looked up, they just saw him meditating.  He focuses and relaxes his mind so that his mind will not be distracted by anything else. He just has done it well. Watch and get shocked!

Concentrate, Meditate and Behold!

Concentrate, Meditate and Behold! This is not all about a shocking rendition of a song nor an energizing move of the body but it’s all about Special Head. If you are thinking of an ordinary performance, you’re definitely wrong. All jaws are dropping upon witnessing how this man floats on the air. It’s incredibly awesome. It is unbelievable!

Some might have thought that this skin head man would sing a prayer and win the heart of the judges. When he occupied the center stage, some might have been annoyed of his appearance. But Special Head made the crowd go wild. The judges were even awed of that well-applauded performance.

But how did he do this? Is there any special power that would allow people to float in the air? In the process, is there any trick that happened? But how would you explain this when this has been done live. The audience even gave him a standing ovation. It is out of this world. Even Howard had to say to this man. It is a YES!

What shocks America’s Got Talent is the fact that Special Head has introduced them to one of a kind talent that is hard to explain. Indeed, it was an amazing talent that no one has done it before.

As you could see, he just used sticks; a carpet and a special sound that made him levitate afterwards. How would science explain this? Perhaps this guy has the power to dictate his mind. It is a unique talent from Special Head. He was Special Head because he has special mind and power!

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