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This Is The Price Of Failing To Unplug Phone Charger When Not Using Them

Most of us leave our mobile phone charger plugged in the outlet even when not using them. Numerous devices are treated the same way too. This action is frequently done without any conscious realization.


Appliance or a charger remains attached to a receptacle continues to consume energy. Yes, chargers and other devices will continue to use energy even when they are not connected to their host. This very same principle holds true for a television, a DVD player and even a simple electric razor.

Power adapters like the charger uses a tiny bit of power when left plugged into the outlet. This small amount of energy use is called phantom energy. Experiment and study found that an average of 0.25 watts per hour is consumed by any mobile phone charger that was left attached to an outlet. The real cost then is about 23 cents for an entire year.

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It’s a good idea to remove the connections from an electrical socket since there is a transformer within many plug-in chargers. Even though the energy consumption is a little bit small as you see, but the long-term effects can be truly devastating to your wallet.

Yes, you could save a tiny amount of electricity by unplugging your chargers. Remember that money saved is money earned, plus it could help global warming problem.

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