Saturday,25 May,2019
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Will He Be Able To Escape Outside With That Precious Carrot? Watch The Video And Find Out

Our canine friends have always been thought of as loyal, highly trainable, and gifted but not necessarily that smart. They can do remarkable things but sometimes like humans, they are clumsy. Yes, they can be plain funny too. They have that uncanny ability that makes us laugh.

In this video, you will see how a cute doggie tries hard to bring his carrot outside. He tries many times to escape outside with a carrot in his mouth but this poor guy cannot figure out how to do so. The hole is small and he needs to drop the thing in order to push himself out. Will he be able to escape with his precious carrot? Try to watch the video below and find out.

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(h/t: America’s Funniest Home Videos )

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