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The Healing Power Of “Dalupang Plant” Commonly Found In The Philippines

Herbal medicine is the use of plants as medicine. It is widely used all over the world. Plants contain phytochemicals that are essential in fighting against diseases in a natural way. This plant chemical is present in every plant and is helpful in fighting against bacteria and other foreign objects that can cause damage in our system. Herbal medicine is a good alternative to synthetic medicine.

Dalupang is a shrub that grows up to 3 feet high. It has red, sturdy stems and hairy leaves. Its leaves are lobed and sometimes incised. To many people, Dalupang is a neglected weed. It is commonly avoided due to its hairy leaves that many are allergic to it. It grows in tropical grasslands where it is not very wet. It can withstand long dry season.

This weeds belongs to noxious weed. Take note that there are types of noxious weeds that are harmful or poisonous to humans, domesticated grazing animals, and wildlife. This dalupang weed is very common in open grasslands in Philippines.

Dalupang is used as a remedy for fever and colds. Children in warm areas often catch colds and gets fever specially in wet season. This plant is very useful because it is also available right in this areas. To use for colds remedy, do infusion of leaves and drink as substitute for water or as much as possible. Recommended quantity of leaves is about 20 leaves in a pitcher of drinking water. Leave for about 20 minutes before drinking to allow plant extract to mix with water particles.

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