Monday,17 June,2019
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Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers At The Mall And Hilariously Mimics Them

Disney Surprise

Image Source: YouTube

Our childhood would not be complete without our favorite Disney characters. Although they are fictional, most of us have only seen them on televisions, DVDs or internet because going to Disney parks would cost a lot especially to those who live in the countries where there is no official parks of Walt Disney Company. But what if your favorite Disney characters surprised you out of nowhere? That’s exciting, right?

Earlier this week, Ana, Elsa, Minnie, Mickie, Buzz Lightyear and other Disney characters surprised the shoppers at Westfield Sunrise Center in Long Island. They bought happiness and magic at the mall as they mimicked every move of the people passing the translucent screen. When the shoppers realized that they are mimicking them, they began to play with them and showed off their Disney side.


People seemed to be really happy but they were even happier when the Disney Characters went out of the Magic Shop and greeted them personally. I wish Elsa and Ana will surprise me too.

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