Monday,17 June,2019
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This Video Will Surely Change Your Perspective About The Beggars

Some people believed that aspiring beggary is wretchedness in itself. They believe that beggars were sturdy people who have always stout denials why they became to be beggars. They think these beggars are only playing on their sympathy. There are people on the other hand who had great concern for the beggars. But are they really so hard up?

Where do these poor people find refuge during cold nights? Do all the money we give them was spend properly? This old man wanders from place to place every day to collect money for charitable causes. He believes that happiness does not come with wealth and so he donates his possessions and all the money he collects to charities, orphanages, churches and monasteries. Watch the story of this public-spirited man below.

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(h/t: XyanBoreca)

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